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The Pink Party at Eco Deco

Each month, I’ll be selecting a different color to feature on the JSI blog. The blog header will change to reflect the new color, and we’ll be highlighting looks and design decor that are not just fabulous, but that also well utilize our featured “Color Pop”. I welcome your suggestions or challenging color choices! Leave your comments here and we’ll consider them. You can always email me at

During the month of October, the color pink abounds, and so it is only fitting that it be this month’s Color Pop. With plenty of events surrounding breast cancer awareness going on throughout the month, it is easy to find a way to give back, while having a little bit of fun, too.

I had the pleasure of attending last week’s The Pink Party at Eco Deco in Mount Pleasant. The event was chock-full of pink party-goers who were excited to buy raffle tickets, nosh hors d’oeuvres, sip pink bubbly and, most importantly, support Hollings Cancer Center’s breast cancer program. There were plenty of design industry experts on hand to talk about the many ways that you can ‘green’ your home and avoid harmful carcinogens that are often found in household products.

Eco Deco was a particularly fitting venue for the event, as their paints are derived with low-to-no VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Without sacrificing quality, these paints provide a healthy alternative to traditional paints on the market. As a designer, I am constantly looking after my clients’ best interests when it comes to their homes. I was equally impressed by the quality of the European style paint, whose parent company, RECA, has been a predominant force in the European paint industry for more than two decades.

Hollings Cancer Center breast care coordinators spoke to the crowd about the many tangible ways that the funds raised would be put to good use. Everything from post-operative transportation to mastectomy massage tables, it makes you feel good to know that this kind of treatment is available in our area, should we ever find ourselves in need. I was happy to support this cause, and didn’t mind an excuse to wear pink tights, either!







Alice’s Bedroom Makeover

What do you do with a nine -(going on 18) year-old who is passionate about her two favorite colors: shocking pink and green? You treat them as you would any other client, of course! I worked directly with Alice to identify her needs for the space and listened to what she did and didn’t like about her current bedroom. The bedroom is in a 1970′s ranch located on Pine Island in Bluffton, SC and serves as the family’s second home. I personally love ranches as they make for easy living.

Bluffton Girl's Bedroom Before

Alice typically brings a gaggle of girls with her on her visits to Pine Island, making it imperative to have ample space for sleeping and lounging between activities. The full size bed (shown above) has been in the family since her mom was a child so it was a “keeper,” however, it did not provide the sleeping space necessary for this nine-year-old and her friends. The solution: one custom, half-round mattress made to fit snuggly against the seven-foot-long window seat. The girls now had a place to curl up and read, chat and sleep. Flower pendant lamps were a funky, fun and functional addition. A “chat” group was added to the center of the room, which included four chairs and LOTS of pillows! We covered the bright green walls with pink raffia wallpaper that allows for tacking up photos, making for a room-size cork board.

Girl Bedroom Makeover After
Every inch of the space was transformed with Alice in mind. And the payoff – a late night phone call from a little girl, talking with so much excitment that I could not understand a thing she said!



Color Pop

“Color” is a feast for the eyes. Whether or not the color appeals to you, it evokes a feeling, taking you to a place of memory, excitement or unfamiliarity. Feeling is what interior design is all about. A space needs to feel good and nothing does that better than color.

“Pop” is something that stands out, maybe even surprising you. It is typically the element that transforms the ordinary into something interesting and memorable.

These “Color Pops” are what stimulate us and give us life.