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Dockyard Glassworks

Glass Art in any form amazes me. While vacationing in Bermuda a couple of years ago, I discovered Dockyard Glassworks, a glass art studio situated on the western end of the islands. For more than ten years, artists at Dockyard Glassworks have been blowing, molding and shaping glass into gorgeous pieces. The space is broken up into two parts; the studio and the gallery. The Studio is where I spent most of my time, watching artists transform glass blobs into beautifully crafted pieces. The Gallery showcased the finished products, as well as other handmade glassware from all across the island.

I decided to commission the artist to create eight salad plates. My only constraint was that each plate had to be different. A pile of crushed colored glass was effortlessly spun into the most incredibly unique plates that are both decorative and functional.

Dockyard Glassworks Glass PlatesSide note: Did you know there is a difference between Art Glass V. Glass Art? The term “Art Glass” is a much more general term, encompassing both decorative art pieces displayed in your home, as well plates, and glassware you use daily. “Glass Art” usually refers to a large scale, one-of-a-kind modern piece made mostly or completely out of glass.

Turquoise Treasures

Turquoise has not lost momentum as a favorite among interior design professionals, and the color still reigned supreme at this fall’s Furniture Market in High Point, NC. Here are some of my latest turquoise favorites that keep me convinced the blue hue hasn’t lost its spark.







Turquoise Pop

The turquoise gemstone is the namesake for the blue/green hue that has been a favorite among design professionals throughout the past several years. It is the blend of the blues and the greens that create this striking, yet tranquil color that is uniquely versatile. We are excited to show you our favorite things about turquoise!

Once you’re an addict, there is no turning back. Get ready for November’s flavor of the month!