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Have Fun with your Holidays – Creative Inspiration Makes You Feel Merry and Bright

If you ask my son his favorite childhood memories of Christmas-time, many that he will recall involve the decorations that I used and the traditions we established through our annual holiday decor. I always put up a white christmas tree just for him, decorated differently every year (but always including the ornaments he made himself!)

To me, the best part of decorating for the holidays is creating a new theme or color pattern for my holiday designs, wrapping and decor. Of course, every family has those few traditions that you’ll put up year after year, but have fun with your holidays by getting inspired by the season as well as your own personal style.

Over the years, I’ve created holiday tablescapes, decorated trees and wreaths and mantles, in an effort to show my friends and community the joy and creativity that can be found in holiday decorating. I’ve wrapped orange and pink gift boxes, mixed them with bright flowers and greenery from my own back yard, added pops of turquoise to accent red poinsettias and created strings of ornaments to hang on my tree. I love grouping odd-shaped ornaments together, they help fill up the tree and saves you time hanging ornaments, too!

I perhaps find the most fun in selecting a “look” for my gift wrapping. I’ve done everything from purple with green and golds, to traditional green wrapping paper with the simple message, “Merry Christmas from Jolene.” It doesn’t get any easier than that! Take a look at some of my choices this year and in previous years.

Most importantly, have fun with your holiday decorating. There’s no reason to decorate if it stresses you out or isn’t fun, so make sure that it is by keeping it fresh every year and taking advantage of the things that you already have around. And, after all, if you don’t get the bow on the wreath, who really cares?!


Color Pop: Emerald

While shades of turquoise dominated this year’s furniture market in High Point, NC (as noted in last month’s Color Pop post), emerald had a prominent presence as well.

Emerald has a deep richness that works with almost any color palette, and is guaranteed to make a statement. Depending on whether you want the pop of contrast by  pairing it with whites or creams, or a blending of similar colors; aquas, turquoise, minty greens, the gem of emerald shines all on its own.

I like using it both ways;  Emerald walls, accessorizing with black and white gives a more bold, sophisticated look.  Grouping similar colors, gives a more monochromatic look in which case, a pop of yellow helps lift the room and keeps the colors from fading into one another.

Emerald Green Living Room

Emerald Couch

Emerald Green Living Room

Emerald Green Living Room Walls

Photos courtesy of:
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