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Color Pop: Merlot

Red is the color of love – it hugs the soul and makes your heart happy. Merlot is a shade of red, with a bluish hue, giving the color a richness that is not overwhelming. Merlot StreakThroughout my interior design career, I have found that people are actually afraid of color. They don’t trust themselves to incorporate rich hues into their decor and instead stick with whites, off-whites and beiges. Merlot is the perfect shade for the [color] faint-of-heart.

How to Use Merlot in Your Home: Ideas for Everyone

1. Color-Wary: Keep your walls and upholstery neutral. Incorporate merlot into accent pieces, such as throw pillows, vases and art.

Merlot Bed FrameMerlot Lamps

2. Color Comfortable: Paint an accent wall merlot, such as a stairwell, and let the color bounce off the neutral surroundings. Paint your ceiling a pale turquoise (yellow or lime green could work here, as well). Incorporate the additional accent color into your accessories.Merlot Accent Wall

Merlot Accent Wall Kitchen

3. Braveheart: Paint all four walls merlot and use one of the additional accent colors on the ceiling, in a bolder hue. If turquoise is your accent color, try painting your ceiling aqua (Rainwash by Sherwin Williams is a great shade).  Keep your upholstery neutral and toss in a couple pumpkin or yellow colored throw pillows. Keep other accessories neutral.

Merlot Dining Room