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Before and After: East Lake Chair

Inheriting furniture from family members can be tricky at times. You are often challenged with something that has significant sentimental value, but may not necessarily work with your current design. In my opinion, that is what makes a home unique to the individual.

This East Lake chair was my grandmother’s, and ever since I can remember it has been covered with this red velvet fabric. It was handed down to my mother, and then to me and I’ve always loved the intricate detail of the woodwork. As I have been re-decorating my own home, I realized the red velvet fabric of the chair was not going to fit as well as it had – I was looking for something a bit more “fresh.” Since I have been just CRAZY about hides lately, I had the chair re-upholstered in a funky off-white hide with metallic gold “burn out” spots. I absolutely love the combination of the traditional parlor chair with the modern fabric!

Vintage Chair


Vintage Hide Upholstered Chair