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Color Pop: Emerald

While shades of turquoise dominated this year’s furniture market in High Point, NC (as noted in last month’s Color Pop post), emerald had a prominent presence as well.

Emerald has a deep richness that works with almost any color palette, and is guaranteed to make a statement. Depending on whether you want the pop of contrast by  pairing it with whites or creams, or a blending of similar colors; aquas, turquoise, minty greens, the gem of emerald shines all on its own.

I like using it both ways;  Emerald walls, accessorizing with black and white gives a more bold, sophisticated look.  Grouping similar colors, gives a more monochromatic look in which case, a pop of yellow helps lift the room and keeps the colors from fading into one another.

Emerald Green Living Room

Emerald Couch

Emerald Green Living Room

Emerald Green Living Room Walls

Photos courtesy of:
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